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success stories

Moore Ekrish

Thanks to Yafit I lost 27 kilos in 10 months! I learned what a healthy lifestyle is and having healthy food that is also delicious.

Recommended for those who really want to make a change!

Moore Akrish, Rishon Lezion.

Abraham Podhorcer

I knew dear Yafit many years ago "by mistake" as a dietitian at the "Carmel Forests" mansion and have not parted ways since.
I found in Yefit a clinical dietitian from above, professional and thorough without compromise and at the same time, smiling and cordial who did for me, and I believe that this is her way for every client and client, everything but really everything to lose weight in a healthy, correct and accurate way, with love and joy and not as a burden And with no choice.
Yafit customizes the menu for its customers according to the customer's preference and taste (and I attest to myself that I do not find it easy) and is based on vast knowledge and extensive experience and research from Israel and the world.
Yafit keeps in touch with its customers in all means of communication by phone, email and zoom 24/7 and accompanies the customer to the desired shape and more importantly, prepares him for a healthy and correct lifestyle and at the same time with a varied menu and yes, the menu also includes treats according to the customer's personal preferences.
Highly recommend Yafit and I have no doubt at all that you thank me - and her of course!

Avraham Podhorzer, Tel Aviv. 

 Tal Rubinstein 

I do not know many intelligent, professional, sensitive, pleasant, creative and caring professionals like Yafit.

It is a one-time phenomenon of a woman who lives and breathes nutrition and is so happy to move
Her insane knowledge on.

"Highly recommend" is an understatement, run to it.

Promises you a quick fall in love and successful and good processes ♥ ️🙏🏻

Tal, Raanana. 

Sarah Hershkovitz

I first met Yafit 10 years ago in the Carmel forests and since then my life has changed.
During the 10 years I have been in her care I have lost over 11 kg and I manage to maintain the weight and eat in a healthy, balanced and satisfying way.
Yafit is an excellent coach who also managed to make me abandon my sedentary lifestyle and stick to daily sports activities that also affect my health and for which I am grateful.

Sara Hershkovitz, Ramat Hasharon. 

Benny Moore

Yafit is a professional and amazing dietitian. Thanks to her I gained over 24 pounds.

And more importantly build a way of life to preserve it over 6 years and beyond in life!

I weighed close to a hundred pounds. I was fat and heavy with all the unhealthy values that accompany unbalanced food and unbalanced activity.

For years I have tried to improve my way of life in the field of nutrition and fitness without success.

To my delight, I met with Yafit on the recommendation of a friend.

Yafit does not diet just to lose weight, but in a way of life. 

How to eat, what to eat from waking up to sleeping - and all in a personalized way. I learned that once you change bad habits the weight also goes down and the result is kept alive because the way changes. 

I enjoyed Yafit's extensive knowledge in the field of fitness. Her instructions on how to deal with food and how I should exercise - led to results.

I succeeded in my war on obesity and went through the wrong way of life and move on to a healthy life full of vitality!


I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about making a change to a healthy diet!

Bnei Moore, Jaffa.  

Daisy Meiri

Yafit is a prodigy in her field in the full sense of the word! Accompanies the process with an abundance of knowledge, professionalism, inclusion and a genuine desire to help and push forward.

Thanks to her, I reached results I never imagined I would be able to look and feel that way.

Recommends it to anyone who really wants to commit to a mental and physical process of physical and mental health🙏🏼

Daisy Meiri, Hod Hasharon. 

Ofira Rechter

For Yafit, the process was different from anything I knew.
I was given tools to deal with eating, I learned to choose healthy foods, I learned to cook easily and with a minimum of time and effort.

Yafit is not only a dietitian, she knows how to read people, and read me like an open book, the process did not feel strenuous.

Thanks to all these I lost 40 pounds and came out with a toolbox for a healthy life, a life of movement, a life of creativity.

Thank you for all this,

With love and appreciation wholeheartedly,

Ofira Rechter, Netanya.

Yuval Moore

Yafit is an excellent dietitian with really extensive knowledge and helps in the field of nutrition, always with her hand on the pulse and helping when needed.

Knows how to convey the process of weight loss in the most enjoyable and experiential way and all this combined with the contribution of her personal knowledge and extensive experience.

highly recommend!!!!

Yuval Moore, Mazkeret Batya. 

Ronny Scoop
רוני סקופ - סיפור הצלחה NUTRACOACH

The amazing Yafit,

I sat down in front of you for the first time, just to be impressed ... I found myself naturally drawn to the process without a sense of difficulty, distress or annoyance.

I just felt the burst of energies and motivation you put into me that made me want to start taking myself in hand.

I, too, as others who come to you, have come from a background of such and other diets and attempts to lose weight - dietitian, weight watchers and bread diet.

Here I came across something different. Far beyond the character who gives a menu and considers, I found someone who teaches me what is behind everything, who encourages me when I am dissatisfied with myself, a mentor who gives motivation and hope.

Today I am 5 months into my process with you, 6 pounds less, moving myself a lot more thanks to you and a lot smarter when it comes to food and body health.

The very fact that I was able to endure these months and enjoy the journey
Is already proving to me your wonder abilities.

Every meeting with you is fascinating, interesting and inspiring!

Glad I got to know you! And thank you for all the knowledge I have accumulated within me
And that he will always remain there.

I feel like I have natural control over my menu, without having to calculate, count, measure ... it's just there! And it's thanks to you !! 

Thanks for everything, 
Roni Scoop, Raanana

Moran Avihail

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful year we had together. 

In total weight loss of 12 kg but I went with you on a journey of transition to weight loss.
Along the way I discovered that weight loss is actually a result. A result of wrong thinking, insecurity, a result of things I dislike about myself and the reality of my life that is manifested in wrong eating and an unhealthy lifestyle. And basically out of all the hustle and bustle - you made me order.
With the help of our meetings, of going over the menu. And far beyond the reception time, and right tips - you showed me a different angle that you can look at things.

You revealed to me the new products on the market that no one is talking about and I never thought I would buy them.
Thank you for showing me what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. That eating right is a way of life and not just for weight loss.
Thank you for helping me assimilate the change within me, a change I will take for the rest of my life.
I'm glad I met you. Thanks to you I am in a different place today.
I wish you a lot of success with the new book and that you bring us lots of other delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes.
Continue to be who you are, understanding, listening, non-judgmental and encouraging.
You're a special person and I wish there were more like you.
love a lot,

Moran Avihail, Tel Aviv. 

Naor Goldman
נאור גולדמן איש הייטק וטריאלט


I wanted to say thank you!

As someone who has never been in sports since, I did not believe there were simpler ways to get better. I was always strong and in good shape, but for some reason did not really see it on the body, the muscles were hidden under a coat of light but not invisible fat.

In our first session, I told you that I have recently increased my training intensity significantly, resulting in me losing too much weight, and actually losing muscle mass.

At our second meeting we went over my eating reports, and of course I got a serious wash from you. It turned out that I actually ate unlimited, with a crazy hammer for cakes, chocolates and everything delicious, and in insane amounts ... Since I did sports, and the weight was good, so I just allowed myself to celebrate.

I was soon given clear do's and don'ts with amounts and times of eating, we made sure not to get caught up in the optimal weight for me, and the body was remarkably sculpted.

What was nice about this process was that I did not enter a regime of fasting, but on the contrary, I entered into a regime of fattening :) I just had to eat healthy food, at the right timing, and lots, and then there was no room or need for all the garbage.

Throughout the process we took care to maintain satisfactions (still sick of sweets) and everything was done in moderation and without compromising the pleasures of life.

Today I continue to adhere to the diet and the results continue to improve. 

In fact, you made me know my body better, understand where I was wrong, and improved my health, appearance, and athletic performance beyond recognition. And all this, really without much effort.

Thanks again! 

Naor Goldman. 

 Limor Yehud-Drori

Like any teenage girl, after military service, I thought how much I look "fat" and urgently need to go back to exercising. After a conversation with my partner and a few days of mood swings, I signed up for a gym in full force to start a new and healthier life. At the same time I decided to meet with a clinical dietitian.

Towards the first meeting, I had a fear accompanied by excitement about who I was going to trust with my eyes closed, that would help me in my current and unwanted situation in my life ?!
I received a gift from heaven - dear Yafit: an amazing woman, full of giving, tremendous motivation, always radiant and smiling non-stop - Cheerleader No. 1 !!

At the end of the first session I immediately purchased a package of consultations. The first meeting took place in September 2009. Of course, in order to know where to start, one must consider. I gained weight, and was amazed to see the result: 73.8 kg (in my life I never dreamed of reaching such a number!). Before my military service I weighed 60 kg, that is, I gained about 14 kg. The goal I set for myself was 59 kg without hesitation. After it took me a few hours to digest the situation and recover, I held in my hands the menu that Shifit had prepared for me and said to myself "this is the recipe to win". From the second session, the numbers slowly started to drop between 2 - 1/2 kg. Sometimes there were situations of despair, because the weight got stuck or increased by a few grams, but Yafit knew that it was a temporary situation and could be corrected. In one of the sessions she told me the sentence: "Failure is just a chance to start over," it is true that sometimes there are stumbles but you have to get up and get back on track, and so it was. About a month after the first meeting, I received a marriage proposal from my partner. 

Each session was more fascinating than the last, the information Shifit shared with me was helpful and contributed a lot to the decline. At each meeting, Yafit adapted a menu for me for the next two weeks, also for holidays and special events. Over time, I felt a decrease in the size of my pants and shirts. What's more, my face, which was full, slowly began to shrink. The process came to an end in March 2010 when I reached my destination. I did not give up on loves I learned to moderate and quantify their consumption, so that I could feel and show as I wanted. Even after the meetings are over, Mifit's conversations do not stop. Appreciate her very much for that!

I would like to thank Lifit for the guidance, encouragement, support, comments and enlightenment that helped me build a different and good outlook on life for me and the time invested in achieving the goal.

"Even a journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step" - it began with one innocent step, with a lot of desire and ended with a wide smile on my face and vast knowledge. 
"The power of will lies in each and every one of us"

Loves the masses and thanks for every moment.

Jewish Limor - Drori, Ramat Gan. 

לימור יהוד דרורי חתונה
Uri Ribner

With Yafit, I went through a real transformation.

In September 2009, just before the holidays and my 39th birthday, I weighed 103 pounds with 29 percent fat - and I knew I needed an immediate change in eating habits.
For the three years before that I was active in the gym and even had a personal trainer; But not only did this not lead to weight loss, but the opposite. I "compensated" for the sweat in the gym by eating incorrectly, and over the years the weight only went up.

The first meeting with Yafit seemed strange to me: she did not offer me a menu like other dietitians I have met over the years, but just wanted to learn about me and my life habits. Then she asked that for a whole week I just write down what I eat.

After a week, the process began, which was full of surprises. "You have to eat every three hours" was the first surprise. "This sugar substitute is not lean. Go for sugar or brown sugar to sweeten the coffee." "Between breakfast and lunch you will eat a sandwich. How about feta cheese?"

Yafit asked, advised and especially explained. Within a short time I began to understand exactly what my body wanted, and how to bring it into a balanced state without giving up the pleasures of eating.

By June 2010 I had already weighed a little over 84kg, with about 20 percent fat.

For me NutraCoach is a mental revolution and not a diet. It is a toolbox that allows me to adapt and maintain proper eating habits, control weight, develop a completely different quality of life and most importantly understand. Understand what the body actually needs, what the right combination of eating and exercise is, what the impact of foods is, and how it all works together.

Thank you, Yafit! 

Uri Ribner, Mazkeret Batya. 

Bob Cohen

Dear Yafit,

After hearing this week that you have opened your own private practice I thought your prospective clients should hear how happy I, who have been under your care for 18 months, feel about you.
I first began seeing you when my trainer at my gym told me that exercise will not take off the weight that I wanted to lose.  You told me, that I need to lose 20 lbs in for me to be at my ideal weight. 

You will remember that I laughed at that suggestion. At the age of 64 that seemed to be an impossible task. I would have been satisfied with just loosing 10 lbs which I thought would be difficult enough.
You then convinced me that it could be done & that I would be able to do it with the program that you set up for me.

You were right!  Within 6 months the 20 pounds I needed to lose was accomplished. 
It's now 18 months since that first visit & I am still at my ideal weight. The program you put me on suited me fine. You did not make drastic changes in what I ate, you modified what I was eating and taught me how to eat properly. 

By staying with this program I am easily able to maintain my weight. I occasionally even indulge in a sweet dessert.
I feel better. I have more energy and look better.
I am at a weight which I have not been at in 20 years.
I am truly indebted to you.  You can certainly call me one of your success stories. 

I wish you success in your new endeavor and would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Best of Luck!
Bob Cohen.

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