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Activities for employees

Lectures Cooking Workshops Gifts for employees Nutrition, weight loss and healthy lifestyle workshops 

With dietitian Yafit Ben Mordechai 

NutraCoach Founds Approach 
"Program Dietitian" Healthy Living
With Prof. Rafi Kerso

A healthier worker, he is a happier and more productive worker  Come and walk with me towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

+ 972-54-99-19-219

Participating welfare administrators 


Einat Shimri
Global Organizational Development Manager, Startsys

Dear Yafit, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the partnership and the rapid mobilization to produce activities for the employees of the Startasis company and their families as part of Passover in the days of the Corona.


Your energies, your commitment and your contribution to success were unique: your down to details, the insistence on brainstorming to pinpoint the needs, the creativity in thought, in marketing- you would help me even beyond your own workshops.


The feedback we received from the participants in both the lecture and your workshops with the children was excellent, people felt they received important information and tips, new and interesting recipes and most of all a great experience! The auxiliary materials, and the recordings you sent at the end of the activity, also gave everyone a full and invested experience. Thanks and good luck later.


Nathalie Ron

  XOffice and Welfare Director, Perimeter

Dear Yafit, These days, when we think about how to maintain the well-being of employees working remotely, ideas are dwindling.

Every step of connecting with you felt close and natural. From the beginning I felt how important the success of the workshop and the accessibility of a healthy diet through creative recipes that will be accessible to our employees are to you. From the conversations we had about tailoring a mix for PerimeterX employees, through your mental and performance flexibility to the nature of the workshop itself, in which you shared with employees the preparation and fascinating information and with great patience sat down everyone's questions (even when they repeated themselves).


Thank you for delivering us a helpful, healthy online workshop, with amazing energies and creative solutions during this challenging time.


The workshop went through in a very pleasant, professional and matter-of-fact way  

The employees' reactions afterwards were enthusiastic, warm and far above expectations.

Thank you for adapting yourself to our employees, and for adding extra time from your private time. When employees are satisfied, so are we in the HR department.


 Tali Kahana
Welfare Director, Ashtrom Group

Dear Yafit, I have been thinking for a long time about raising awareness of proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle among the company's employees. The thought was especially strengthened in light of the corona crisis that closed us off  In homes and caused almost

We all need to lift a few extra pounds ...  

Pentecost is a great time to bake and I felt it was a good opportunity to start the long-awaited change and introduce company employees to recipes that can help them lead a healthy lifestyle, with a wink to the holiday  And the opportunity to enjoy favorite foods in a healthy version.  

On behalf of all the participants I would like to thank you for a successful, experiential and enriching workshop!  

The workshop was delivered professionally, with interesting and detailed explanations of the nutritional value of each of the ingredients in the recipes, was presented in a pleasant and graceful manner, in a fun and flowing way and provided helpful tools for smarter and healthier nutritional conduct.


Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and the charming smile, thanks to you we learned that you can eat healthy and also delicious :)


A year of health in the organization

A multi-stage intervention program that includes:


1. Lectures 

2. Nutritional counseling for employees

3. Professional advice and nutritional intervention in the kitchen, kitchenette / dining room, meetings and social events

4. Exercise

5. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle workshops

The program is built with personal tailoring in line with the needs of the organization. You can select all the parameters written above or some of them in a frontal / online format.


Yafit's secret recipe book

A recipe book in the spirit of the Mediterranean diet. The book creatively approaches the legumes and vegetables on a plate.


The book includes over a hundred recipes that are also accessible to vegans, gluten-free, diabetic, lactose-sensitive and those on a weight loss diet, all along with information and practical tips for a healthy lifestyle, for maintaining and losing weight.  

Working with the book teaches the reader to develop and adapt recipes on their own.

Can be purchased centrally for employees as a hardcover printed book or as a digital book.  


Healthy cooking workshops

In Hebrew or English

Healthy frontal / zoom cooking workshops (for employees and their spouses, parents and children, children, singles, etc.) on a variety of topics:

1. Fun to make with kids

2. Healthy and low-calorie cooking

Healthy / vegan / low carb / gluten free cooking

4. Workshop around holidays

5. Salad workshop in a jar

6. Quick cooking a week in advance

7. Vegetables in disguise - for picky eaters

8. Mexican Cooking Workshop

9. Recipes before and after training

The recipes are selected together with the welfare administrations after characterizing the needs of the employees. Each workshop includes channeling and briefing before and after in a way that maximizes the experience.  


In Hebrew or English

Nutrition lectures

Fascinating lectures on a variety of topics:  

1. Nutrition in the workplace

2. How to strengthen the immune system

3. Nutrition under stress

4. How are the food chains working on us?  

5. Super Foods - Marketing gimmicks or real truth. How do you know?  

6. Myths from the world of nutrition

7. Optimal nutrition for brain function

And a variety of different topics. Lectures can be ordered individually - according to the needs of the organization.  


Each lecture includes channeling and briefing before and after in a way that maximizes the experience.


  Leave details and I will get back to you soon

Thanks for the message! I will get back to you soon

Clinical Dietitian Fitness Trainer Nutritionist Develops recipes

 NutraCoach Founds Approach
The house dietitian on the "Healthy Living" program with Prof. Rafi Carasso

I am  Invites you to walk towards an attentive and better lifestyle with me. A healthier worker, he is a happier and more productive worker and as we all already know when the workers are satisfied - so are the welfare managers.


My experience as a nutritionist and working in full collaboration with welfare managers in the organization allows us to jointly produce activities for employees ranging from valuable lectures and enjoyment, through cooking workshops to nutrition, weight loss and healthy lifestyle workshops.


After the activities, the employees join the social networks and continue to be in touch with me there. I enjoy seeing the changes being made towards a healthier lifestyle.  



Yafit Ben Mordechai

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Ricky Wise

Head of conferences and seminars

Member of the Board of Directors, Parkinson's Association in Israel

In honor of Yafit Ben Mordechai, a nutritionist-member of the Wild Medical Advisory Committee.

On my behalf and on behalf of the Parkinson's Association members who attended the Winter Seminar in Tiberias, I would like to thank you for your response to take part in the seminar where we chose this time to examine the correct diet for the Parkinson's patient.

In your lecture you mentioned the food families that should be included in the patient's daily diet in order to maintain balance with the drugs. Brain researchers note the importance of nutrition in order to maintain normal and vital human brain activity. I have no doubt that your lecture has highlighted these points and will bring maximum attention to the subject.

I sincerely thank and appreciate your willingness to share with us your experience!


More customers are sharing 

 Healthy Mac & Cheese

From a workshop that is both healthy and delicious - parents cook with children with the Danziger company. One of the girls photographed a perfect tick during the workshop and the video was sent at the end

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Amit Ganor
CEO of the Israel Nutritionists Association

In honor of: Ms. Yafit Ben Mordechai


Subject: Thank you letter


On behalf of Atid, and on behalf of everyone at the conference, we would like to thank you for participating in the conference as chair of the session: "Psychiatry and Nutrition in the Circle of Life" at the annual conference of Atid, the official professional organization of dietitians and nutritionists in Israel, held in Kfar HaMaccabiah, Ramat Gan.


The session contributed greatly to the expansion of the knowledge of the conference participants and to the success of the conference. The conference was very successful,

Excellent responses were received about the conference program, the level of the lecturers, the scientific exhibition and the display of the posters. Praise was also received for the conference center in the village of Maccabiah and for organizing the conference.


Happy New Year and continued future cooperation.


 Leave details and I will get back to you soon

Yafit Ben Mordechai, Clinical Dietitian. fitness trainer. Develops recipes. From the author of the book The Secret Recipes of Yafit.


Office: 10 Carlebach Street, Tel Aviv.


Phone: 0549919219



Thanks for the message! I will get back to you soon

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